La palomita negra

Cómo eres, Frida?

The black dove

spine nailed

and pinned to spikes

of a vermillion cage

You were born out of

Tlazolteotl, Aztec goddess

head drooping in

a puddle of blood

La virgen de las angustias

weeps for you

and your lost child

still born under tears


¿Cómo estás, la llorona?

Crossing that river not

even Xoloescuintle can

save you

Quédate en el purgatorio,

los autorretratos de pena

So paint—

Paint it magenta

paint it amarrilla

paint it verde

Pinta lo que se quede

en tu corazón


Paint sin esperanza

force feed yourself

the slime of intestines

a mash of palvo and

churrizo a puree of

pollo and calaveras

de azúcar

only to regurgitate

it all—



What scratches inside

your wounds

Scrape it out

with your brush

The bristles are



Plasters that rip

the skin

with every stroke

every graze

Paint a wounded deer

and crown yourself

with antlers

nine arrows pierce

an already

deteriorated body

if you can only

make it to the lightning sky

you might survive

sangre trickles profusely

and carma says no

So you’ll stay in the

árboles, atrapada


They take

the scaple to

better you

(to ruin


No hay

un escape

No hay

una despedida


Pinta cielos made of

shades of naranja

surround your depleted

worn face with a

wilted sunflower

Seat yourself

one legged

¿Pies pa’ qué los quieres

si tienes alas para volar?


So lay yourself

on this

canvas and live


Solo vives acá

La paz se halla

en el fuego azul

que quemará

la casita rota


Quema el cuerpo y


los restos



Green hazel eyes

pierce and sting

irises of dew-covered mornings

or freshly cut spring grass


Against my black marble eyes

you reflect then

drown or rather, I rise anew

I like to think that

you reinvent me


with every shock of

piquancy that

make home in the pores of

my flesh


Sweet hazelnut against

crimson copper

Muérdeme para que puedas

probar el sabor de ti

dentro de mí


Tus labios están hinchados

por mis besos y no me disculpo

So I bite and bite porque

tus labios y lengua me dan vida


Si yo soy la rueda de malemolência

tú eres el eje que me gira

vueltas y vueltas

I only stop to kiss you

Close Between

If those chipped peeling walls could tell

Their blue frightening and closing in

(I seem to have a thing for bathroom scenes

The close intimacy, the raunchiness, the locks or lack

Thereof.) She held the door closed as I went down

She tasted of Victoria’s, Bohemians, and trembling ecstasy.

If those baby blue cracked walls could tell

How much I loved her, how much I breathed for her.

To part her lips with my tongue, her hands through

The tiny coils of my hair reminds me of yellow

Sparkling over a deep sea. I’m floating and she’s my wings.

I could’ve had more but the party’s over and 2am skies

Bathe the night air. I’m close to anger when she cries for him.

Across the street I sit and listen to the saddest guitar

While she sobs drunken and absorbed.  Yo respiro.


–Luecretia, the esoteric



Inspiration: Daily Prompt: But No Cigar

En la llovizna con ella (Poem)

Her thin pale hands took in mine

We’re lying down on a white mattress

In La Casa Roja, the fiesta has just begun.


My hands are heavily worn from manual

Labor; hers are permanently burned from

Los cigarritos she tries to smoke end to end.


I’m wearing bright pink acrylic and her nails

Are bitten down to the bed. In that moment

I realize how high I am and the Mezcal is alive


Squirming through my limbs. I’m exhausted—

Running around Puebla en la tarde, en la llovizna con ella

I’m still soaked with fervor as she tangles our fingers.


She leads me in the bathroom.  I have to go but

She kisses me.  Her fervent lip between mine

Reminds me of smoking my bowl back in the States.


She lifts my bra and I feel my way in her turquois tights—

I bite her. Oblivious to the crowd outside waiting and

Banging. She whispers my name, then licks my neck.


We giggle like two small girls and take our piss

Washing each other’s hands.  She fixes her hair

In the mirror— our smiles cross.  We’re smitten.


She opens the door and I don’t see her for another week.

She’s already in love with someone else.

“I should have kissed you longer.”


–Luecretia, the esoteric ❤


From the Daily Prompt: Ripped From the Headlines